Reality TV: A Constant Reinvention for Living in Real-Time?

In this episode, host Sarah Banet-Weiser talks with Professor Eva Hageman and Professor Laurie Ouellette about their work on representation in reality TV and on identity in social media, respectively. They discuss how contemporary media impose a script for living but also offer a platform for social change. They problematize the social impact of reality TV by pointing out how some TV shows offer medical and financial resources to families who have been neglected by state institutions, but they also point out how this requires families to play the role of marginalized people.
Sarah Banet-Weiser
Eva Hageman
Laurie Ouellette

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Distinguished Professor; Professor | Annenberg School for Communication; Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism 
Twitter - @sbanetweiser
Assistant Professor in the Department of American Studies and the Harriet Tubman Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Professor of Communication Studies and Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature, Department Chair
Facebook: Laurie Ouellette
Instagram: @lauriejean2016

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Reality TV: A Constant Reinvention for Living in Real-Time?
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