Dissecting Digital Futures and the Proliferation of Misogynoir

In this episode of Feminist Networks and the Conjuncture, Dr. Moya Bailey and Dr. Sarah Banet-Weiser discuss how Dr. Bailey coined the term “misogynoir”, her publications and digital work expanding upon the term as well as its real-life implications and possible solutions. Dr. Bailey further discusses her work in digital spaces and elaborates on her framework of social media as containing overlapping, generative, digital neighborhoods with the capacity to produce real-life social activists and transformational work.

Sarah Banet-Weiser 
Moya Bailey 


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Distinguished Professor  | Annenberg School for Communication
Professor | Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism 
Director | Center for Collaborative Communication at the Annenberg Schools
Twitter - @sbanetweiser

Associate Professor | Department of Communication Studies
Northwestern University
Board President, Allied Media Projects
Twitter: @moyazb

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Dissecting Digital Futures and the Proliferation of Misogynoir
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